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About Cooper

Cooper Artist Housing is a 36 unit building in Seattle where artists live and work. A project of  DNDA (Delridge Neighborhood Development Association), Cooper is a federally subsidized housing project designated specifically for artists. To live here, you have to be an artist in some shape or form (writer, painter, jewelry maker, poet, dancer, etc.) and your income must be within 30-60% of the national average. People of all ages live here, including families, dogs and cats. We aren’t your average apartment building; Cooper is more of a contained neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

Before its current incarnation, this building had a long year life as Cooper School, an eight-grade school built in 1917.  The school gradually became a “bad school” and by 1989 the Seattle School District saw no other option than to board up the building. After 16 dormant years, DNDA led the building through the elaborate renovation process, taking efforts to maintain the building’s historic integrity while also making the spaces livable. The building opened in 2006, with Cooper Artist Housing on the top three floors and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on the ground floor.



Most of the people living here now got in when the building first opened, but sometimes spaces open up and there is a waiting list. Contact Case at for more information.

You can learn more about the history of the Delridge neighborhood here.

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