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Pam Summa : About

October 19, 2010

About Pam’s book, Groping For Luna

“If Debbie Harry teamed up with Lou Reed to write a romance novel,
it would look something like Pam Summa’s Groping For Luna.”
–Ibbetson Street Press

Guerilla Girl Meets Guitar God: A Comedy of Manners

Like much of chick lit, the characters in Pam Summa’s Groping for Luna are in their late
20s, navigating the turbulent seas of work and love, and the narrative voice is sharp and
comic. But these characters have better things to do than shop. They are creators, not
consumers, making art and making music.

With her debut novel, Harvard editor and ex-printmaker Pam Summa goes behind the
scenes and on the road for a gritty tale of love, loss, and day gigs. Edgy and lyrical,
Groping for Luna is like a heart-wrenching love song that you can dance to.

Groping for Luna is a 280-page original trade paperback, with 15 stamp art illustrations.
Available for $11.99. ISBN: 0-9724752-7-3


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