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Seth Damm, Gina Coffman, Kristin Ougendal: Events in Occidental Park in October

September 30, 2009

coyote 3

I am involved creating several site-specific performances this October in Occidental Park, and an opening at All City Coffee. See below for details. Hope you can make it out!


Seth Damm



Catch a glimpse, stay and watch, join in artSparks.  A new and experimental addition to Center City Parks Events, artSparks brings the creative vision of Seattle artists into downtown daily life. From June through October, three center city parks will each serve as an “art space” for the public. Susie Lee and Elizabeth Umbanhowar curated the work of 4 artist teams at Occidental Park in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. These teams explore their artistic interests including performance, sound, painting, words. . .art of all kinds.

October Events by Gina Coffman, Seth Damm and Kristin Ougendal:

1) Wayward Coyote Photo Show

by Seth Damm and Kristin Ougendal

All City Coffee, 125 Prefontaine Pl S

Through the month of October

Opening reception October 1, 5-7 pm

During the coyotes’ visit this October, images of their travels will be on display.

2) Wayward Home (in 4 acts)

Occidental Park, Pioneer Square

by Gina Coffman, Seth Damm and Kristin Ougendal

October 1, 13, 24 and 31

In the spirit of a Haruki Murakami story these urban agents of transformation, trickery and transcendence will, in 4 acts, explore the fitness of Occidental Park, make preparations for a den and establish a liminal and wayward home. Below is a list of performances:

In and Through

Friday, October 2nd, 4pm-dusk

Coyotes pass through the park taking stock, surveying and discovering a territory fit to inhabit.

Egg and Wall

Tuesday, October 13th, 11:30am-1pm

The coyote’s return to tidy-up the park accompanied by a restless house.

Well House and Surrender House

Saturday, October 24th, 8-10pm

The coyotes find refuge and begin to build a den. Joined by the house they engage in the ritual of settling down, exploring internal environs and inviting you to do the same.

Foundation and Transcendence

Saturday, October 31st, 6-9pm

In a final act the coyotes transcend their subterranean home. Restless again they parade out, away and into the night.

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